Eric Lennartson

Eric Lennartson


On-site event June 1st

Amber Sounds
A common thread that runs through much of my work is the exploration of limits and boundaries. In particular, the realms of computing and human perception. In this vein, “Amber Sounds” is an exploration in the relationship between human memory and extreme duration. Using drones, ornate textures, and intricately detailed sounds, it creates a multi-layered, infinite sonic landscape. The piece favors the tactile, physical sensation of sound over discernible musical logic. It stretches the sonic experience out so long, it is impossible to contain the entirety of the piece in one’s present working memory. In this way, “Amber Sounds” highlights the holes at the boundaries of human perception. It takes something we perceive as objective: our empirical knowledge of the present moment in front of us, and reframes it as the subjective experience it actually is.

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Eric Lennartson is a composer, improviser, and oscilloscope artist based in Los Angeles. He received his Bachelors in percussion performance from the University of North Texas and his Masters in performance and composition at the California Institute of the Arts. His audio-visual work uses old analog oscilloscopes to create non objective imagery that interacts with dense noise, pulsating tones, and unstable beats. As a result, sound and image create a feedback loop of meaning. Through this interaction he explores the different perspectives and meaning inherent to the sound and image itself.

Artist Location: Canyon Country, CA

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