Hamdrew Davis

Family Style Vehicle


On-site event June 1st

Building Notation
This piece uses the concept of architecture as a generator of sound. The layout of Angels Gate campus, in conjunction with chance elements introduced during the performance, will direct the duration, timber, texture, and general quality of sounds produced with stringed instruments, amplifiers, analog synthesizers, and the human voice. Size and shape of buildings, arrangement of doors and windows, spaces between buildings, circulation paths: all these will play a compositional role. As performed, the piece will shape a psychological space that reflects back through the built environment to the conceptal space that dictated its building. 

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Hamdrew Davis

Family Style Vehicle is a sound art project of Andrew Davis, visual artist, architectural designer, and performer. Andrew received his Masters in Architecture from Woodbury University in Los Angeles, and his Bachelors in Fine Art from School of Visual Arts in New York. He creates sound art, video art, installations, architectural models, paintings, drawings, and collages. He is a founding member of Hamscholar. All his work is concerned with phenomenology, chance, and process.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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