Francene Kaplan


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Gallery Show, April 27 – June 1, 2024:
Rubber Band Box Orchestra (2013)
Cereal Box Orchestra (2012)
Household Percussion Jam (2008)

Interaction with the an installation piece gives people a different kind of appreciation for sound art.  The Rubberband Box, Orchestra is simple, portable, and adjustable for different tones.  The Cereal Box Orchestra is dependent on the type of cereal, density, and box size to produce various sonic values.  The Household Percussion Jam utilizes familiar objects and repurposes them in a way not intended by the manufacturers to produce sound.
Beating on an object is primal and demonstrates self-efficacy creating noise (I did that!). All ages can participate in all three interactive installations.

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Francene, a native Californian and desert lover, enjoys writing poems and short stories when not playing household percussion or creating weird mixed-media art. She loves all things animal, vegetable, and mineral, reading /watching Sci Fi, and organic gardening and composting. Attaining far too much formal education, she spent many years sharing tidbits of this knowledge to alternative high school students. Time most recently spent has been on organizing art shows, book fairs, and playing repurposed objects for sonic values with her husband, Mark, in the collaborative Phog Masheeen in alternative music (noise) shows.

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