Gary Raymond

Gary Raymond


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Gallery Show, April 27 – June 1, 2024:
He He (2008)

Riffing off of the Periodic Symbol for Helium, this is an example of an  “Audio Interactive” piece, the viewer speaks to the familiar non traditional art object and sounds are then combined to create unfamiliar feelings, causing us to think and react with greater awareness to that which we take for granted.

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Gary Raymond’s use of sound as an integral element challenges fine arts dominance by the visual sense. Raymond pushes this dominance off base by playfully forcing the viewer to process unexpected sound elements, changing the expected interpretation of his art pieces. Raymond illuminates the interplay between inanimate and articulate expression with his 3D works. His pieces are designed to create new perceptions about who we are and how we define ourselves in relation to the industrial objects society creates.

Interviewed on PBS, he was the first sound artist to have a solo exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art and first explored interactive sound art in 1979 with “Audio Playground” for Disneyland.

“I use juxtaposition of vision and sound to create the ‘Uncanny Valley’ in our perception”.

Artist Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

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