Mathilda’s Universe w Jason Cornwell


On-site event June 1st

CAPTCHA the Great
Mathilda’s Trans-Dimensional Switchboard-Operator performs CAPTCHA the GREAT

Step right up and place your palm on the glowing orb! Are you human or are you digital? 

Answer CAPTCHA the Great truthfully and your REAL cyborg potential will be revealed! Complete with an instant print-out souvenir!

Behind a velvet curtain, you’re immersed in swirling light and the sweet, lilting sound of poorly assembled metal. With your palm pressed to the glowing orb you speak with a sultry glitching entity – untangling your various selves in exchange for a promised glimpse of your future.

Behind the veil, two humanoid assistants oil her digital gears.

Jason Cornwell synthesizing an alien carnival atmosphere in collaboration with various randomizers. Mathilda pulling the digital entity’s strings.

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Mathilda’s Universe is a site of fabulation grounded in extrapolative critique. Special relativity, subjectivity, myth and eroticism all play critical roles in the fabric of this umbrella. Mathilda’s multidisciplinary work relates to contemporary issues of intimacy and scale through a porosity of selfhood – using seductive, glittering absurdity to shift perspective and confound absolutism.

Mathilda will perform CAPTCHA the GREAT alongside collaborator Jason Cornwell who will be synthesizing a soundscape live using both analog and digital components.

Artist Location: San Francisco, CA

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