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Gallery Show, April 27 – June 1, 2024:
duodenum (2013)

An appropriated Quad-runner exhaust, fitted with both a Clarinet and Didgeridoo mouthpiece.
A distinctive instrument, in that it can be played from both ends.
Instrument adapted by Mark A Soden Jr. for performances by phog masheeen.

On-site event June 1st

Roaming performances:
I hear it differently is a performance positioned to access one of the stunning vistas available from Angeles Gate Cultural Center. There will be four sets of headphones available to use with disinfectant wipes and a trash can available. participants will be asked to put on the headphones and observe the view.

Household percussion jam…
A variety of pots and pans will be provided to allow the public to “Jam” together on “household percussion.” These sort of “Hands On” experiences have been very popular.

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Phog masheeen started as an artist collective and has morphed into a production machine. Phog masheeen is producing both physical and virtual events for: Wonder Valley Experimental 16, Santa Ana Noise Fest and the Experimental Sounds Tonight series in Joshua Tree, California. As well as producing Artist Curated Events for soundpedro.

Artist Location: Costa Mesa, CA

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