Sophie Fan


nomad III soundprints

Sophie Fan and Biruke Dix
Through the use of tuning forks and objects that partially absorb frequency, this sound sculpting performance creates a visual and auditory experience with live audio diffraction.
The sound generated from the tuning forks differ based on size and the object wrapped around the fork that alters frequency and sound. The nature of the tuning fork allows the frequency to be passed from fork to fork, ultimately recorded by a microphone at the end of the line. Using live mixing software, the different sounds are manipulated, layered, and dilutes to create an incrementally expansive soundscape. This experience explores the intersection of sound’s physicality with its simultaneous ephemeral and non- tangible nature.

On-site event June 1st

Sophie Fan solo
Let Me Live where our meeting makes Music is a ceramic installation that incorporates a rotating horse-handled pot that interacts with a hanging ceramic and silverware mobile to create sound over a pile of discarded and intertwined objects. The work uses the metaphor of questioning the results and turmoil that comes from perceiving technical objects like kitchenware as both functional and creations of art to question the turmoil I experience in my multidimensional self. Is the horse an animal that is thought of as both technical and emotional itself? Viewers are asked to interrogate which objects are meeting together to create music, an emotional response that results from the meeting of the horse and the silverware and “silverware.” 

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Sophie Fan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA, and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Her work mainly incorporates installation, sculpture, painting, and photography. Thematically, Fan’s work explores discovering and creating boundaries through movement and animals. She currently attends UCLA working towards her B.A. in Art. 

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