Temporal Emissions


On-site event June 1st

Living Energies is a audio/visual installation for: 
1) 4 wireless CCTV cameras 
2) Digital Interface / Posture Analyzer 
3) Projector (Optional) 
4) 3 guitar or bass amplifiers 
5) 3 Electro-magnetic String Resonators.

Participants are invited to move through a space in which their physical presence and movements generate the sonic elements that will be used to fluctuate the electromagnetic fields of each resonator. The resonators are acoustic, however for a more immersive effect, a secondary electromagnet (just like a pickup for an electric guitar) and amplifier are used to transduce the electromagnetic signal into air pressure.

Each instrument will be placed in a different part of the space and the participants are encouraged to wander about the room, listening to the sonic effects their movements have on the space.

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Temporal Emissions is a repository for the sonic / media work of mB, michael bailey, a nomadic artist currently residing in LA. Their current paths of practice include: homemade electro-magnetic string resonators, mycelial water filtration for land remediation and a posture-based generative sound installation using video input as a control source.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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