Belangtelon Initiative

Belangtelon Initiative

Cahyo Prayogo is a freelance writer, artist and filmmaker who actively organizes screening programmes, exhibition and filmmaking in rural areas of Surabaya. East Java, Indonesia. His interests on cinema progresses together with Kinetik, a collective of media study group that he co-founded with his friends during college period. His personal works are deeply rooted in documentary tradition that highlights urban issues. Since 2010, he has been active organizing visual workshops and festivals. Now he is part of a visual art collective in Surabaya, called Kerjasama 59.


Windswept (Sapu Angin)

“Surabaya is currently beautifying itself under the shadow of “future ideal housing”, through the pigeon’s body-I was invited to absurdly explore the change of landscape which is more massive and frightening with its complexities”

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