Samur Khouja

Conscious Summary

Samur Khouja is a sound designer and audio engineer based in Los Angeles. His recent work includes sound and video installations on the destructive effects of deep sea mining and performs and tours under the moniker of Conscious Summary. He founded the experimental venue (the) Handbag Factory in 2011 and has been operating Seahorse Sound Studios since 2004.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Blue Peril Sonification is a multimedia experience and environmental advocacy work that demonstrates the massive ecological dangers and destructive effects of deep-sea mining. The audio-visual installation highlights the gravity and utter devastation to the environment and sea life in the Pacific and its impacts on neighboring islands including Hawaii.

The design of this installation consists of immersive audio, video, and still images in a gallery or outdoor setting that is non destructive and eco friendly.

Blue Peril Sonication was created by Samur Khouja as an evolving work in interdisciplinary form and environmental advocacy.

On-site Event June 3rd

Blue Peril Sonification is a multi channel audio and video installation bringing attention to the destructive deep sea mining proposed in the Pacific. Blue Peril tracks the toxic sediment particles that will ultimately kill endemic and undiscovered sea life in the pacific and will have massive environmental impacts. For this installation I will be using the particle and sediment tracking data as a sound source and controller for custom hydrophone recordings of the Pacific Ocean and video projection. 4 audio channels and two video channels.

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