Damian Anache & Cecilia Castro

Cecilia Castro (1980) Argentina, studied Electroacoustic composition at Quilmes National University, and Social Anthropology at Latin American Social Sciences Institute. Cecilia’s interest approach cross-genre between classical and electronic music. Her latest works explore the combination of fields, creating pieces that combine the documentary, the music concert and the writing, constituting a deep exploration of the cultural, social and political aspects of listening.
Damián Anache (1981) is an Argentine artist based in Buenos Aires. His sound pieces and videos expose personal reflections on the perception of time through the exploration of micro-details, noises and geometry.

Artist Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site June 3rd and online June 11th

Beressia’s Fall
“Beressia’s Fall” is a soundscape with a traveling listening point of a soundwalk through the delta wetland of Berisso city. This piece is a studio montage created from moving and static, mono and stereo recordings made on Isla Paulino during the fall of 2022. On this tour of its territory, a group of artists, scientists and academics walked in silence listening carefully to the environment. For this they were guided with instructions on listening modes by Santiago Johnson and Cecilia Castro. Here is a brief recreation of that experience.

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