d_vk is the sound and performance practice of David Kendall. From the Inland Empire, David Kendall has been producing noise and musical raw sound for over 25 years. In past years, he has performed across the United States in collaboration with an international cadre of improvisers, composers and sound artists. Most recently, David Kendall worked with John Krausbauer PDRM, an AV piece premiered in San Francisco in 2017. d_vk represents a commitment to a hermetic, private deconstruction of specific aspects of sound performance. David Kendall currently resides in Los Angeles.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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On-site Event June 3rd

Deletion 1
Desertion 2015 is the representation of a back and forth struggle between an unstoppable need to create, to add to a personal sonic environment or an aesthetic idea, and a struggle against failure and banality, or the temptation to succumb to insecurity. The piece uses aspects of livecoding and algorithmic composition to scrape over a database of home instrumental recordings to categorize, combine and erase personal incantations, and then to subject the recordings to a process of digital destruction and decay. The source recordings, made with synthesizer, guitar, percussion and voice, were recorded at home over a period of about 8 years. The development over the course of Desertion 2015 will lead all musical attempts to a final authoritative nothingness.

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