He travels with his sound machines since 2000. Amsterdam, Berlin, Kyiv, California. Releasing his electronic sound under different aliases. Playing by galleries, festivals, underground venues and clubs. It’s rhythm, textures, soundscapes and beyond.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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nomad III soundprints

Nomad’s studio is whole planet. Sorry to say but since in nomad mode I don’t really have a studio any more, so my very concept of sound activity has changed. Bored of playing loud fast beats or aggressive arpeggios, the artist reconsiders everything we know about “music”. No rehearsal, no separating from the world or the audience, no terms of success or failure regarding sound performance, no “mistakes” and no crowd pleasing. Birds don’t sing for you to entertain. They sing to breed. To find a soulmate. Their soundscape represents their DNA and their philosophy/lifestyle. Ubiquitous drone can fit almost every location organically adding some newer layer of thoughts and interpretations to the background. In swiftly moving reality of climate change one has to be able to move from their nesting in order to survive and reproduce. These birds sing because they are alive. This drone is delicate and self describing. There is a message in these resonant echoes.

On-site event June 1st

Pacific Noise Factory
Got stuck in the middle of nowhere on my sailboat. Couldn’t sleep at night cause it was rocking with the swell also it was foggy. At certain point sleep deprivation started to work as creative factor so all night long I’ve heard this cacophony of splashes and squeaks and who know what else. Trying to understand is there an order or algorithm. No. It was non periodic and non repetitive sound generation produced by the old boat, waves, wind and maybe sea creatures. Recorded it and put into my granular sampler. Can perform with it for hours on the land. It’s not just sound of the ocean, it’s rearranging, cutting and resampling with resonant reverberation. Immersive soundscape transfer from the ocean womb to the shore.

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