Hamscholar is the world’s leading purveyor of Free Space Music since 2019. They have played Corazon Topanga, Departure from Music Venue, Happyland Salon, Woodbury University, and Sideshow Books. They recently served a month-long residency at the Torrance Art Museum.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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On-site Event June 3rd

Solid Boxes of Nothing 
Hamscholar will spontaneously compose a work that engages the specific context of the Port of Los Angeles, shipping and trade generally, and global exchange of all kinds, employing strategies of dissonance, bifurcation, chance, and drone to clarify the audience’s state of mind.

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Video presentation October 27th:
Up The Drone Suite

Up The Drone Suite” deconstructs the concept of “drone music” to arrive at a sort of sound collage that is elastic in its associations and laser-like in its focus on achieving the state of a waking dream in the listener. Imagery is taken from life. Magic Realism is, in fact, Realism.


Performance October 29, 2023
at Torrance Art Museum’s Nomad II

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