grump is a multidisciplinary artist born in Los Angeles and currently based in San Pedro. Soaking in the creativity of sharp expressions and hard knock textures over chaotic pleasures for the sake of communicating.

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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On-site event June 1st

Proper Etiquette 
You can’t have peace without power and you can’t have power without electricity. They laugh when they spin the wheel of death and cry over TV monologues. I sit here amused by the sound of ignorance and anxious at the sound of spiritual. Flutes, hardware and my guitars sneezes gently. 

A Wasted Pleasure 
They say a wasted pleasure is when you prolong your glee, leaving you unsatisfied in the end. Drugs, orgasms, Jack in The Box and Sound tend to be few of the causes. This will be a presentation of clashing woodwinds and glitchy electronics on a search for these wasted pleasures.

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