Ivan Cordeiro

Ivan Cordeiro, Martin Espino

Brazilian filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Ivan Cordeiro produces Super 8 films and digital material as well. Loves to collaborate with musicians from all over the World.

Collaborator: Martin Espino

Artist Location: Los Angeles

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“Unity makes strength” is a motto that has been used by various states and entities throughout history. In the animal kingdom, the most powerful creatures always have an advantage over the much smaller and weaker ones. However, if those considered less powerful can organize towards a common goal, the final results can be staggeringly successful.

Images by Ivan Cordeiro / Music by Martin Espino


A cameraman in lockdown has all his gigs canceled due to mandatory quarantine and discovers how Mother Nature can give us joy by just watching birds through his hotel room veranda.

How to quarantine days during COVID 19 Pandemic affected the life of a cameraman.
Having to cancel all his gigs and staying alone, he starts shooting through his window to stay alive.

Images by Ivan Cordeiro / Music by Martin Espino

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