J3M5 (Live) delivers a blend of glitch and rythmic noise. The work is composed of percussive fragments, spontaneous malfunctions and drone. These broken electronic sounds consist of frozen chords, vocal synths and wandering lofi tones. The feeling is often described as a evolving hypnotic pulse mixed in swirl of dissonant noise.

His foundation in the electronic arts is focused on the live hardware that controls circuit-bent gear. This centers on a technical integration between effects, modified synthizers and repurposed 1980’s devices. Today these bent compositions build upon a dub mixing style, where effects become instruments and the mixer is handled improvisationally.

James Allen’s live performances have spanned from Miami’s International Noise Conference to Sacramento’s NorCal Noise Festival. Abroad he has been included in Distro Day at Substation theatre in Singapore and Jogja Noise Bombing. Based in Los Angeles he continues to play at varieties of spaces such as Art Center College of Design, Honor Fraser Gallery, Art Share LA, Digital Debris, Gold Diggers and Coaxial. His current residencies include The Benders Circuit and Wonder Valley Experimental.

He has been mentioned in the press by LA and OC weekly. His releases are available through Inner Demon Recordings and Forever Escaping Boredom

Artist Location: Calabasas, CA

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James Allen
The performance involves a salvaged brief case that has been modified into a battery powered glitch instrument.The hardware application was initially used for outdoor cassette recordings that were a short duration from two to five minutes long.The case has been outfited with a two perforated steel cheese plates for mounting FX pedals and brackets.

Tech specs:
Marshal MS-2, 9V Amplifier Speaker Casio KA-2, AA Keyboard

Boss SLC-2, AA
DOD FX25, 9V
DOD FX13 9V Electroharmonix ModRex, 9V BOSS DD3 (Custom), 9V BOSS GE7 (Fromel), 9V

Cassette Recording:
Craig Dictation Tape Recorder AA RadioShack mic equalizer AA Sony Dictation Microphone AA

These brief and basic sound happenings were first conducted in natural suroundings near water and bridges. The field recordings later became material for reworking into a live performance.

On-site event June 1st


On-site Event June 3rd

J3M5 (live PA)
J3M5 is a experimental live PA of glitch, rythmic noise and dubtronics. The circuit bent practice explores technical integrations with stereo effects, extensive midi, CV and modified hardware.

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