Janet Lozada

Janet Lozada

Janet Lozada was born in Orange County, California in 1996. She mainly works with multimedia art installations, specifically uses sound and multimedia assemblage displays. Janet also finds herself curating music events. Her installations use: short video, text, waveform graphs, graphics, and sound. Janet intends to create a discourse on Space, Identity, Movement,Community, Chance, and Narratives through diverse experimental formats. Janet has showcased her work at local and self organized group and solo exhibitions; as well, she has exhibited at art shows organized by the University and other Artist Community events. She is currently completing an undergraduate education at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies under the institution, University of Redlands.


Ambulante” , will target themes such as : construction, deconstruction, still, movement, form, structure, language, aesthetics, mutation (audible and or visual), and identity. In particular this piece hopes to use utilize language and its implications ( social, political, and econmic) to convey how cross culturing, breeding can affect and deconstruct the formal cultural values of language. To be exact, this piece will be using the Chicano identity, performance between Mexican and American cultures and language as forms to portray the mutation effect this Community has adapted.

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