Jay Afrisando

Jay Afrisando

Jay Afrisando is a music composer and sound artist. He employs sound and other media to share awareness of human-nature-technology relationships. His works have been presented at Aural Diversity Conference, MOXsonic, In Situ: Festival for Electronic Music & Sound Art, Disability Awareness Week, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, and Linux Audio Conference, to name a few. He received the Next Step Fund 2020, the Ambassador’s Award for Excellence 2019, the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award 2016, the Innovative Art Grant 2016, and 2nd Prize Winner of Prix Annelie de Man 2015.

Artist Location: Falcon Heights, MN

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Earmaginations [silent videos]

[SOUNDSCAPTION: Self-quarantine]

[SOUNDSCAPTION: Self-quarantine] 
Does listening require sound as an external stimulus? “[SOUNDSCAPTION: Self-quarantine” is created to trigger sonic imagery that plays an important part in an active listening. It exhibits soundscape of the creator’s self-quarantine at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. With no audio, it explores the use of closed-caption (CC)—an element of accessibility that benefits not only to deaf and hard-of-hearing people but also to hearing persons—to describe ‘the sound’.

This work offers the opposite of an acousmatic experience: in listening acousmatically we listen to sound without seeing the sounding source, while in this work we listen by seeing without perceiving an external aural stimulus. This work is also created to investigate whether “visually listening” is an aspect that aurally diverse listeners have in common.

“[SOUNDSCAPTION: Self-quarantine” (2021) is a part of “[SOUNDSCAPTION]” series (2020-unknown). The title itself is an acronym for “soundscape” and “caption”.

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