Lucinda Trask and Sasha Mandel

Lucinda Trask & Sasha Mandel

Lucinda Trask is a visual artist whose work, in the forms of installation, performance, sculpture, and writing, is primarily concerned with practices of care and maintenance. It encourages viewers to consider their relationships with the matter they encounter in daily life. 

Artist Location: Swans Island, ME

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Sasha Mandel is a sound designer and composer for film, tv, and games. He currently resides in Pasadena, CA where he designs interactive games and digital experiences inspired by natural history and deep listening.

Artist Location: Pasadena, CA

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June 5th Audioscapes

Meridian Paths

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Meridian Paths
Meridian Paths is a site-specific and virtual audio installation. The first part of the proposed work consists of a loop path mapped around the grounds of the Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro. A set of three ~4 foot tall wooden structures, inspired by channel markers, act as waypoints along the path. From each of these structures hangs a bell or chime, the tones of which are inspired by a unique sound in the artists’ pandemic home bases in Maine and Pasadena, and by the festival location in San Pedro. These structures have a rocking base and can easily be activated by the wind or by the viewer rocking the structure with a foot. 

The other, virtual component of the installation is set in a 3d virtual game world. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can explore a fantasy environment inspired by the Arroyo Seco watershed, the bluffs of San Pedro, and a frozen island in Maine, complete with an interactive soundscape. A digital representation of our physical structures exists in this world as well; when you approach the chimes, your digital avatar is transported to one of the other two locations. In this way, our three locations are transposed onto each other through the shared act of daily pathfinding. We will also invite visitors to Sound Pedro to submit their own recordings, which we will incorporate into the game.

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