Madu.Chino is a solo and a selective group of past, present, and future artists. Each member specializes in their own explorations of the arts, from dance, sound, lights, and other multimedia performances. Madu.Chino has 8 years in a solo exhibition as well as collaborating with other artists from around the world. His mission is to spread awareness of divine vibrations of movement, lights, and sound with a curiosity of ancestral practices from the Philippines, Japan, Spanish, and other countries.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Pulse of emotion

I would create a space where the artist can dance and perform with lights and space. Each of 8 artists will take turns showcasing their unique performance with the help of all supporting artists within 4 hours. 

The theme is the pulse of emotion
Universal awareness of vibrational energy through nonverbal actions.
Its the feeling of synchronized intuition and connection through all forms of living and inanimate things. Spreading awareness of world issues and evoking emotions that we all share as one.

Made Mad

Reflective material sits on a rotating motor, hung from the ceiling. The motor rotates the film in a continuous motion – like the motion of a conveyer belt. A light source will shine on the film while it moves, creating a beautiful projection/reflection. This piece will be coupled with recorded sounds of friction between metal, both raw recordings and some altered w/ a synthesizer. 

The projected reflection will show tension, pulling and stretching which is a representative of the human condition and its perception of reality of what is, or isn’t.

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