Mathilda LaZelle

Mathilda LaZelle

Mathilda LaZelle is the artist of her own universe – experienced by others through video work as well as installation and live performance. Mathilda has collaborated in various capacities with venues such as Mills College, The Legion of Honor Museum, The DeYoung Museum, MICA and EIU – as will as many alternative locations. She studied Studio Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Mills College and now holds an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is evangelical about her favorite unit of measurement, the Util, and would probably love to meet you!

Artist Location: San Francisco, CA

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On-site Event June 4th

Viscus Fermata
The proposed work Viscus Fermata is part of an ongoing exploration of the strange and unfamiliar landscapes accessible just beyond ordinary human perspective. Inspired by gestational ultrasound, the artist sampled her own abdomen with a fetal doppler to produce the primary soundscape. When the doppler picks up friction from the skin the video glitches in response, revealing ghosts of uterine ultrasound imaging. This biorhythmic concoction is layered and looped to create an immersive sensory landscape. 

The vestigial military concrete at Angel’s Gate is its own poetic intersection – hulking human exoskeletons penetrating the earth, softened around the edges by vegetation. One of these cave-like openings would be the ideal site to install this work. Just beyond the cave-opening, participants would tilt their heads back to watch the projection above them while submerged in the soundscape. The way the ground wraps around this concrete opening would add an extra layer to the work, as would the cavernous acoustics.

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