Michael A. Mersereau & Marcuccio de Andreis

Michael Mersereau (b. 1977) is a media and sound artist based in Oakland, California and Montreal, Canada. Mersereau’s work has been exhibited at institutions and galleries both nationally and internationally such as Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca in Ciudad de Oaxaca, The Diego Rivera Anahuacali Museum in Mexico City, and Maison de la Culture Claude Léveillée in Montreal. Mersereau is faculty at Mills College, and holds an MFA from Mills College and BFA from California College of the Arts.

Artist Location: Oakland, California

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Marcuccio de Andreis (pronouns: ALL)
low-hanging absurdism + in-your-face obvious-ism=
“AI will use the language & affect of loving pet owners to subsume us, not that of authoritär dick’taters.”

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA


On-site event June 1st

Performance & Installation:
Michael Mersereau’s projections and imagery for “Swastikasuality” improvise on phantasmagoric retellings of warfare and tragedy. Mersereau’s imagery is grounded in cinema and is expressed in projection mapping, 35mm slide film, and handheld lighting. As a visual collaborator with Marcuccio de Andreis’ sound and vocalizations, Mersereau will be providing the audio synesthesia of farce and terror.

Based on a real moment occurring between Marcuccio de Andreis’ teen-aged mother and a victim of Joseph Mengele, the micro-opera  is set immediately after WII, at a United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) camp, near Munich, West Germany. 

(The trajectory of the performance is informed by war’rubble-excavation-&-rescue. Vocalists & Narrator are buried under sonic & textual materials, as well as by inchoate prompts. All at liberty to fend for themself or await instruction from an equally disoriented conductor.)

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