Neil Young aka Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young / Bromp Treb

Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young is an artist with years of experience as a noisemaker and performer. Young’s ongoing solo and collaboration projects include: Bromp Treb, Fat Worm of Error, Gloyd, Carbus, Playbackers and Muscle Beach, as well as ongoing participation in Los Angeles WoodWind SkillShare (LAWWSS) and the Berkeley Gamelan. He has performed in collaboration with artists such as Jessica Pavone, Wendy Eisenberg, Ruth Garbus and many more. Young has exhibited at all sorts of fancy pants festivals and institutions as well as countless basements, bars, lofts and art spaces all over North America and Europe. He currently lives in the Greater Los Angeles Area (aka Gabrielino-Tongva territory).

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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On-site event June 1st

A Hole Yodel
“Like pressing your ear up to a shell, standing at the mouth of a resonant hole like one can do in specific spaces all over the Angels Gate campus, you can really hear the landscape differently. Not unlike an alpine yodel, no wait, nothing like a yodel, alpine or not. Okay, I’m proposing to pump some sounds into one such hole, find a resonant frequency and vibrate some objects. Maybe there will be some yodeling. I can’t promise anything, this is a proposal.

This will take some trial and error, but I live nearby and once I find that right combo of frequency and object, maybe I can get the space levitating, or that hole singing. I will likely be using some type of amplification/speaker-and-mic situation, quite possibly sustaining the moment with a 1/4″ open reel tape loop. “

A Pile of Quivering Feedback Things in an Epic Hilltop Location!
Angels Gate’s sacred hilltop is scarred-and-littered with annihilation-debris and the infrastructure of fear. I want to make a small noisy quivering pile of resonating/vibrating junk-objects and speakers that stands on an epic hilltop location and pathetically murmurs to itself in horror.

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