Nguyen Ly - Bill Faecke - Bill Jaros

Nguyen Ly, Bill Faecke, Bill Jaros

Nguyen Ly is a multimedia artist and art educator with expertise in numerous printmaking techniques (including monoprint and drypoint), as well as drawing, sculpture and collage. His prints, drawings, sculpture and other work have been exhibited throughout California and in locales as diverse as Springfield, Missouri, and Guadalajara, Mexico.
Nguyen was born in Saigon and raised in Los Angeles, and is a member of the multicultural printmaking group Lynk Collective. He was also a former member of Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective, and Mono Gráfico Colectivo. As a result, he is especially attuned to the cultural mix that makes his adopted hometown of L.A. so rich – and to the pressures faced by so many first- and second-generation Americans.

Bill Faecke received a BFA from Cal State University Fullerton and an MFA from Cal State University Los Angeles. His work involves the layering of disparate images and mark making to investigate the relationships between various attempts to find or identify meaning. He transitions between drawing, painting, sculpture, and video performance to maintain an eclectic approach to this investigation.

Bill Jaros
Bill Jaros earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Syracuse University, New York in 1966. He then served in the Peace Corps in Tunisia, North Africa designing schools, housing and a bathhouse for the local community. Thereafter, Bill had a full career as an architect in California designing schools, banks, industrial buildings, residences and a museum. Parallel to his architectural work, Bill has always drawn, painted, created sculpture and has produced drypoint prints.
His ink drawings are influenced by architectural structure and landscape form. The oil paintings continue the architectural and landscape ideas, as well as exploring the affect of color harmonies. The sculptural work created from recycled cardboard, plaster, wood and metal evoke concepts about the universal influence of geographical environments that constantly affect our physical and spiritual well being. It is from these places that human rituals and ideas have evolved. The drypoint prints are created in many layers and configurations that are labyrinthine and map-like. Through all of his work, Bill believes that the true nature of what man can understand as reality is best explained through visual symbols and images. That is the role of all art.



Gallery show, May 13 – June 17:
The totem/tower is a mixed media collaborative work by Bill Faecke, Bill Jaros, and Nguyen Ly depicting abstract wheels, the cosmos, portraits of mystics, cult leaders, musicians, martyrs, and authoritarians. This work offers a meditation on the conflation of various identifiers of meaning, as it also leaves open the consideration of their hierarchy, significance, or correlation.

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