nostoppinganytime is a Los Angeles based duo featuring Eric Lennartson and m a harms. Using drums as resonant bodies, field recordings, and everyday objects, they deliberately create a chaotic atmosphere. Pressing, intense, and observant, their improvisations span a wide range of energies. Much like hanging out around a campfire, they navigate sharing emotions, stories, and life experiences around shared setups through the medium of their improvisations.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Something Nonsensical

“Something Nonsensical” examines the use of AI and its relationship to artists and their art. Using a poem generator, a simple PD Patch, and some software for ciphering the generated text, we created the entire piece with the simple prompt, “Something Nonsensical”. In a time where AI is commonplace, and artists are examining the validity and role of this tool for making art, we explored the idea of creating a predominantly computer-generated piece of work and then reintroducing the human element. The pd patch intermingles these elements: while the poem and sounds are created entirely with a computer, it needs a human voice to activate it, bringing it to life. The power balance between the intelligibility of the reader and the disruptive patch allows the audience to question: who is the performer and who is the filter? Are you able to make something solely through the process of random generators and have a meaningful connection to it? Or is it something nonsensical?

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