Nuttaphol Ma

Nuttaphol Ma

Nuttaphol Ma is a multidisciplinary artist whose work connects the seemingly disconnected notes from unfolding everyday moments. He uses patterns from his subconscious, dreams, and past to compose stories about longing, loss, memory, survival, and the labor of adapting to a new home. His work is presented in varying forms including installations, participatory workshops, and public interventions through performances. Ephemera are recorded as artist books, essay films, and storytelling.

Artist Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Video presentation Online October 27:
I Cannot Feel the Land Beneath Me” excavates Angel Island’s past hauntings to create a contemplative space between our dreams of leaving, dreams of roots. The soundscapes comprising of undulating waves landing on China Cove, echos of a lighthouse bell, footstep callings and wall scratchings become protagonists in the film.

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