Onty & LilFireManic

Onty (artist); LilFireManic (Score)

Onty is an experimental audiovisual artist who explores methods from sensory and visual cyberethnography. This past year, Onty has been focused primarily on exploring the potential of CoreCore, a novel filmic genre which emerged in cyberspace during the pandemic years.

Artist Location: Montreal, Canada

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Video presentation Online October 28:
Eight Triptychs is an experimental video production which presents eight three-part explorations of affective themes, drawn from six months of sampling audiovisual material from across the cyberethnographic landscape. Each Triptych is an assembly of three one-minute audiovisual mixes with a given one-word theme, such that each Triptych is an assembly of three words.

The Triptychs include: Emergency Nightmare Now; Hyper Nostalgia Repetitions; Infinite Victory Loop; Ultra Love Incoming; Density Saturation Texture; De Materialized Zone; God Seed Reentry; and Icon Index Symbol. These eight triptychs are presenting along with original music by musician and collaborator LilFireManic, as well as three original visual effects bumpers that serve as ‘Interludes’ after Triptychs 2, 4 and 6. Taken together, they constitute a journey across the various strata and flows which course across our cybercultural consciousness.

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