Ricardo Tomasz

Ricardo Tomasz

Ricardo Tomasz is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing on storytelling in his work, layering surreal, mythological, street, postmodern, and pop styles while using bright colors and iconography. He is most proud of his work making public murals for the City of Los Angeles.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site and online June 4th

Into The Void
This sound horror piece follows our heroine as she is transported to a supernatural void of her own mind, where she is hunted, and forced to face her traumatic past. Using wind and women vocals to convey an ominous mood.

Crawling Out of The Scholomance
This sound horror piece follows our hero as he crawls out of the Scholomance, a school where witches are taught by the Devil himself, only to be dragged back in at the last minute.

Earmaginations [silent videos] On-site and online June 4th

Dear Los Angeles… January

In this kaleidoscopic montage, we travel through a surreal Los Angeles, where sights are not what they seem, changing on us at every turn, in a candy colored version of the city of angels.

VBODOBV [sounding videos]

Dear Los Angeles… January 

Dear Los Angeles… October

The sound of language articulates space and place in these two videos about LA.

June 5th Audioscapes

A Year In The Forest

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
A Year In The Forest
Designed to replicate the rejuvenating aspects of nature (similar to the Simpson Great Barrier Reef experiment), guests are invited to sit in one of 4 tree-themed chairs, meant to resemble a forest. As they sit across from one another (10ft apart), restorative sounds of a forest in nature are played, cycling through the four seasons. Sounds will include winds, stepping through snow, the sound of birds returning for spring, etc. This soundscape is meant to provide an audio refreshment to the listeners, where the audio of nature provides a similar experience to actually being in nature.

Forest of Reflection
A series of audio clips and voice questions designed to prompt deep reflection of the listener, triggered by various motion sensors. Possibly accompanied by colored lights.

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