Ritualss (MeLisa Moore, Elliot Adams, Jules X. Grace and others)

MeLisa Moore is a multi-disciplinary designer, sound artist, musician, composer, sculptor, creative technologist, researcher, and educator with a background in Biology. Her work meets at the intersections of traditional art, futurism, spirituality, mechanics, and design science. They bridge emerging tech, dance, electroacoustic + psychoacoustic sound design, experimental architecture, modularity, projection mapping, and experiential installation. Moore’s art practice is a tool for social innovation, environmental conservation/repair, and to activate relational energy healing, unity, and peace-building. 

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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Elliot Adams (1999) is a movement artist and facilitator based in Long Beach, California. They specialize in social and solo improvisational dance. Elliot grew up homeschooled, an experience that deeply informs the values they bring to spaces as an educator and artist. Their background consists of long-term mentoring in physical technique for dance and martial arts, creative leadership, and 6 years of direct teaching in traditional and alternative learning environments.

Elliot’s 10 year background in Martial Arts supported them as they transitioned into being a full-time dancer. From 2016-2018 Elliot cross trained Jazz, Blues, Ballet, and Modern. They studied Contemporary and Ballroom at Cypress college, Swing and Blues at Atomic Ballroom, and performed with Beat Jerkeez Hip Hop dance team. In summer 2018, Elliot followed their college professors to Cerritos and Long beach City college, where they were guided in dance film making, choreography composition and continued their training in Jazz and Modern dance.

From 2018-2020 Elliot performed and competed with the Cerritos college Repertoire company and produced three dance films in collaboration with Steve Rosa and Sawyer Martoglio, two of which premiered at the 2019 and 2020 American College Dance Association (ACDA) Baja conferences. In March 2020 they performed in Jade Charon’s piece Legacy at the Martha B. Knoebell Theatre, in Long Beach.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

Jules X. Grace is a Healer-In-Training, Mover, Shaker, Vocalist, Model, Community Organizer & Advocate, Artivist and Clown. They love to be curious about different languages, communication and how we can better exist together in community with all creature kind. They are originally from Reading, Pennsylvania and are currently grounded in San Diego, California. Interested collaborators can reach out.

Artist Location: San Diego, CA

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On-site event June 1st

Ritual Object is an experimental multi-disciplinary “micro-opera” that acts as a ritual object. Four movements, RO engages existential questions strongly connected to cycles, circularity, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, math, and time/space. The dancers are presenting the complex experience of the journey of inner union, relational union, and Divine union; our shared human process of coming to understand our relationship to powers larger than ourselves, the universe, faith, and transcendence. The 20-minute piece bridges the disciplines of projection mapping, spatialization, energetics, architecture, kinetic sculpture, installation, dance, and sound design. We use psychoacoustics in the form of triangular geometry (rather than quadraphonic) as we are interested in the powerful dynamic of 60 degree equilateral triangles. The roots of my work is the bridging of my Science background, integrative arts practice, traditional medicine, peace-building/relational healing, and spirituality. 

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