Wes Nelson, a touring bassist/guitarist based in LA, has performed with acclaimed artists like Mike Stern, Ny Oh, Zzzahara, LP Giobbi, DJ Tennis, Bonzie, and Randy Brecker. He’s toured globally and recorded at East West and Capitol Records. Wes is also part of Indie Rock bands Lozenge and The Brainstorm. In 2023, he launched solo work as vvounds, releasing the EP “DEATH/GODS” in 2024, blending ambient, industrial, and punk. Originally from Chicago, Wes played in Ritalin OD and collaborated on albums under aliases like Royal Select and Painstake. He holds a Bachelor’s in Jazz Studies from Elmhurst University and a Master of Fine Arts from CalArts. 

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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soundscapes On-site June 1st and online June 9th

Together We Burn With Scorched Grins
We’re destroying the earth, we’re letting corporations control everything while the unhoused are ignored, and we’re STILL committing genocide. We have a love affair with the dopamine hits that we shoot up in the digital world and our attention spans have shortened to the point where it is nearly impossible to appreciate art anymore. “Together We Burn With Scorched Grins” is a piece that utilizes tape loops and samples to narrate a decaying world. Audio from various airports around the world signify the feeling of not knowing where things are heading, the crackle of tape saturation represents the sound of a burning world, and the sound of the horn is a call to come home. Climb into bed while the smoke from the world’s biggest fire fills your room. Catch a floating piece of ash on your tongue and dream of a new beginning. Fall asleep with a scorched grin, for when you finally awake, things will be different.

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