Yadira Dockstader

Yadira Dockstader


On-site event June 1st

Sound of War our Bodies Store
War’s destruction of bodies aims to erase and silence. The observer carries choices remaining silent or sounds off the alarms.Research based sound recordings chronicle and serve as  documentation.Sound compilation extracted from UNICEF and found recordings which explore the manipulation in news dissemination related weapons of war. Audio loops mirror and echo the relentlessness of war and its destruction.Audio and video installation serve as a conduit shifting perspectives on the human condition and ways in which death and suffering are utilized as tools. Soil and bodies interact as a cycle. War disables and extinguishes visible and invisible parts of our being. As observers, our bodies store the sound of war.

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Yadira Dockstader (b.1983) is a Mexican-American multidisciplinary artist from Southern California. She received her B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from the University of California Riverside. Dockstader works in moving image, sculpture, sound, performance, installation and hybrid modes. Dockstader seeks to expose the ableism and socioeconomic circumstances that inhibit the lives of those living with hidden disability and pain. The work’s performative and physical installation qualities bring symbolic, conceptual, material and empirical meaning, in order to explore themes around the body’s imminent travails.

Artist Location: Redlands, CA

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