Call for Sound Poetry

UnƧightly [sound poetry]

Submissions are open September 14 – October 13.

In honor of Hugo Ball (died September 14, 1927), creator of “Karawane,” (Cabaret Voltaire, 1916),
We are looking for Sound Poems, each up to 60 seconds in length.

If stuff like nonideational text, transmogrified by way of asemic recitation; sonic code transcendence; or setting ineffability to lyrics is your thing, then submit an original sound poem or a recitation.
(Sound Poetry is the absolute musicalization or sonification of the linguistic into non-verbal orality. Meaning is meaningful, experiential, auto-compositional but not lexical.)

Sound poetry occupies the overlap zone between music and speech. It seeks to capture the musicality of language free of any meaning. It is language abstracted to the point of not belonging to any language group or family. It approximates or appropriates the sounds of language; it may turn any sound into a sonic approximation of language.

Keep in mind that a continuous strand of “traditional” onomatopoeia does not constitute sound poetry (e.g. “POW KABOOM POP etc.”). These words can be part of a poem but should not constitute the whole thing.


For Artists new to soundpedro

  • Start by reviewing the Participate page.
  • It is important that artists understand that soundpedro is a sound art event and not a music event. To know the difference, see Participate page.
  • It is helpful to view and read the soundpedro website in order to become familiar with our programming:
    Explore past seasons.
  • Review the FAQ & FUQ page. Refer to “Participating and Interested Artists” section.

For all Artists

Terms & Conditions

  • Production of work is the responsibility of the artist. FLOOD will write letters of recommendation for those artists seeking funds elsewhere.
  • If you are invited to be a participant in soundpedro, your name, likeness, as well as your work, may be used for publicity purposes and materials related to this event, including, but not limited to, press releases, advertising, social media, publications, recordings, and soundpedro related websites.
  • By submitting your application electronically, you authorize the use of your name, likeness, and work for the above-mentioned purpose. Please note that all other personal information (address, telephone numbers, etc.) is strictly for internal use.

Non-acceptance, in many cases, is not reflective of the quality of the artwork submitted. Reasons for non-acceptance may include:

  • The submission did not follow the guidelines.
  • The work under consideration may not be a good fit, aesthetically or thematically.
  • The work did not appear to be completely realized.

Questions? Feel free to contact Marco at or 562-413-5868.


You may submit up to two Sound Poems.

To complete your submission you will need:

  1. Artist contact info. Required
  2. Artist information for soundpedro website/PR: Bio, and One photographic image of the artist. Required for artists new to soundpedro
    Image can be jpeg, jpg or png format, at least 1920 pixels minimum on longest edge.
  3. Recitation of the poem. Audio file in audio mp3 or wav file format. Required
  4. One photographic image of the poem transcription. It can be typed or hand written. Required
  5. One image of artist in costume. Optional

Image formats jpg or png. (mobile phone photos OK)
If you want, you can combine images #4 and #5 above, into one horizontal image.
Please reference past UnƧightly videos (at links provided above) to see how the final video presentation is formatted. Design your imagery keeping in mind our final video presentation is horizontal format, 1920 x 1080 pixels.


We are transitioning to Google forms for our submission process.
You do not have to have a Google account fill out the form and submit your proposal.

Note: There may be issues filling out form on a smart phone. We recommend using a desktop computer.

If you have a Google account:

To fill out the form on Google. LINK WILL APPEAR HERE
You will be able to save your progress before submitting the form.

If you do not have a Google account, or do not log into Google:

You may fill out the form below.
You will not be able to save your progress before you submit the form.

Note: When you Submit the form you will be required to complete a reCAPTCHA. You may need to scroll to the top of the form to see the reCAPTCHA located on the page.


Questions? Feel free to contact Marco: or 562-413-5868.

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