Earmaginations 2020

Earmaginations [silent videos]

Collection of silent videos by soundpedro2020 artists that address aurality.

Playlist (Start time of each video segment. Full video length 28:45)
Intro (00:00)
Textures of Memories (00:50) Andrew Mandinach
Pray For Quiet (02:25) Michael Raco-Rands
Breathe (05:12) C. Matthew Luther
The flow of Water (08:04) C. Matthew Luther
On Parade (12:02) C. Matthew Luther
WAV^V^V^S (15:07) Alex Braidwood
The Paradist Decapitation (19:16) Michael Mersereau
The Paradist Undercurrent (20:53) Michael Mersereau
Moments (22:15) Electric Sound Bath

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