Henry Krusoe

Henry Krusoe


Paseo Del Mar – Gate

Paseo Del Mar-Gate builds on some of Henry’s previous work with projection installations and ambient soundscapes. Using projection mapping software and a projector, Henry maps short videos of people looking out to sea, onto the fabric stretched around one side of a metal portal, creating a luminous surface resembling a multicolored quilt. Recorded sound from the shoreline below Paseo Del Mar, plays the sound of waves crashing.

Henry has noticed that all kinds of people come down to the San Pedro Cliffs below Angel’s Gate to look out to sea and enjoy the beautiful coastline, or perhaps pine for something or someone to return. This piece is his own version of a San Pedro sunset, stitched together with these moments of looking out to sea. This luminous gate will shine, allowing the viewer to experience their own strange moment of looking out to sea amid the sound of crashing waves.

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Henry Krusoe is an emerging artist living in San Pedro, California. Henry recently graduated with BA in Fine art and Philosophy from Vassar College before moving back home to Los Angeles to begin his independent art practice.

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