Henry Krusoe

Henry Krusoe


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Lets go crazy again

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
The Singing Urn

I would like to make a jar that sings. I used to be a country music radio DJ and I’m captivated by the power of certain songs. The use of poetry and the human voice to evoke emotions or complex states of mind is an amazing phenomenon that appears in many music genres but my experience and focus is on classic Country and Western songs. There are a few songs that take specific sounds or spoken words as their subject. I would like take one or a few of these songs and (with some modification) create a soundscape or playlist that will comprise the audio for my piece. The main element of my piece will be a plaster pot that will act as a kind of speaker. I plan to fabricate a pedestal with interior shelves to hide a speaker. The speaker will be pointed upward toward the top of the pedestal. A hole in the top of the pedestal that meets a hole in the bottom of the pot will allow sound to be funneled upwards through the plaster pot. The interior of the pedestal will be insulated, which I hope will create the illusion of a singing pot. Some potential songs to incorporate: “The Closing of the Door” by George Jones, “Beautiful Lies” by Jean Shepherd, and “Play, Guitar, Play” by Conway Twitty.

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Henry Krusoe received a BFA in Studio Art and Philosophy from Vassar College in 2018 before joining Angels Gate Cultural Center as a resident artist in 2019. He seeks to facilitate encounters with strange images. To this end, he creates pieces that utilize video projection, sculptural relief, and the interplay between these two techniques. Both mediums play with the phantasmagoric; they create illusions that an image or presence is really there when in fact it is not.

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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