Andrew Mandinach


Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak June 6th Livestream

Shuttle [audioscapes]

Can You Hear Me Worrying Over The Airwaves?
A voiceover welcomes visitors to the event, sharing information from the SoundPedro website about the logistics/history of the event, interrupted by an internal voice mapping out an “exit strategy” to find the nearest bathroom due to a IBS flareup. This voice over will challenge viewers’ perception and understanding of place and their relationship with getting them to consider the the negative space of the event (where the nearest bathroom is and how to get there) rather than the actual work. It will challenge the notion of moving freely through space and consider how elements such as weather, size of crowds, being mobile, can have an impact on how people move through spaces. It will incorporate listening actions by breaking the “fourth wall” of what starts out as a “traditional” tour-guide styled recording and asks viewers to consider experiences of moving through the show and on the specific geographical land as a person with limitations rather.

Earmaginations [silent videos]

Textures of Memories
Silent video trying to capture the essence of being enveloped by the calm of visiting the beach. how you start out by looking at the waves, but ultimately are enveloped by the blue sky, blue ocean, passersby, and setting sun.

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Andrew Mandinach is a filmmaker and installation artist based in Los Angeles. Rooted in real-life, experienced situations, his work is guided by an interest in questioning personal histories and examining the limits of memory, perception, and recorded imagery. Andrew received his BA in Visual Arts, Media with a minor in Ethnic Studies from The University of California at San Diego.

Artist Location: Culver City, CA

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