Andrew Mandinach


June 5th Audioscapes

A Short Score of Anxiety

This proposal is a direct extension of my audioscape from SoundPedro 2020. Last year my proposal was a linear “voiceover welcoming visitors to the event, sharing information from the SoundPedro website about the logistics/history of the event, interrupted by an internal voice mapping out an “exit strategy” to find the nearest bathroom due to a IBS flareup.” Rather than a singular track, recorded in a linear fashion, this work will employ multiple layers to challenge the notion of moving freely through the Angels gate space and consider how elements such as weather, size of crowds, being mobile, can have an impact on how people move through spaces.

One track will be breathing, one track will be a voice over prompting me to stay calm and mapping how how and where the nearest bathroom is. The third track will incorporate diegetic sounds.

Earmaginations [silent videos]

The Lessons I Carry With Me

Silent video exploring the weight of saying goodbye to a family member with whom you had a strained relationship. A relationship that becomes clearer in death, and yet foggier when trying to navigate the complexities of a grieving family.

ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Untitled Conversations in Darkness
Collaboration with Farrah Emami

This video, which will premiere on October 14th is the third of three works in a series exploring themes of grief and needed closure. The series, which started with a work that I submitted to SoundPedro 2021 (which can be found on the SoundPedro website). The second was a work, I recently created for a recent Immersive Art Collective show and which can now be found on my website. (link here: When the opportunity arose to create a work of my own design, I decided to build upon the work I had started in collaboration with artist Farrah Emami. 

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Andrew Mandinach is a filmmaker and installation artist based in Los Angeles. Rooted in real-life, experienced situations, his work is guided by an interest in questioning personal histories and examining the limits of memory, perception, and recorded imagery. Andrew received his BA in Visual Arts, Media with a minor in Ethnic Studies from The University of California at San Diego.

Artist Location: Culver City, CA

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