Martin Espino

Martin Espino


June 5th Audioscapes

EHECATL (wind)
Exploring the parameters of wind, the ceremonial, the meditative, the effects…Utilizing Ancient Aztec and Mayan Musical clay wind instruments and Ancestral clay sound generators reproduced by Martin Espino. He will also integrate electronic technologies into his composition.

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:

Dedicated to “El Dia de Los Muertos” (The day of the dead). No matter where we’re from, who we are, what we do, we all will experience death. It is part of life the past from one place to the next. There is nothing bad or morbid about it. Most simply put, celebration as done in Mexico simply just acknowledges that we pass onMost simply put, celebration as done in Mexico simply just acknowledges that we pass on to another phase that really know nothing about. It is a recognition of the cycle of life. That’s all, nothing scary nothing monstrous. In this same way, my composition honors the “End of being” as part of the natural order of things! In Mexico, our ancient leaders were also poets, many of them wrote poems concerning life and death and many of these poems were committed to memory and passed on to be recited as the years went on. This work, explores, via the use of ancient Mexican melodic and noise generating instruments with electronics, the different kinds of deaths that there are: obviously the physical, but even acknowledging mental and spiritual death, even emotional death, like the end of a love relationship.

So the mystery is, where do we go when it’s all over, how do we go I know we have beliefs, but where do we really go since the physical being deteriorates in the electromagnetic waves go on or do they get integrated and recycled into the universe. Like I said we have beliefs and all that but no one‘s really been there and come back and that is the “mystery!”

…and like many of those ancient poems, the intention of this work is the same. Mysterious and strange sounds are representative of the unknown landscape that we enter once we pass on. I tried to make my mysterious and strange sounds representative of the unknown landscape that we enter once we pass on, no matter what kind of death we experience. MYSTERIO ends with the optimism that we live this present life now but we not able to remain here forever. Like the ancient poets express, I invite you to “Live your life now because it is short”. I’m not talking about partying, I’m talking about educating yourself, making yourself the best person, waking up and being aware of who you are and actualizing what your potential is, and, as our ancient king, Nezahualcoyotl once said, “We are here to sing, to make our hearts divine and to speak real words of truth”.

This is what my compositions‘ intention is. As Nezahualcoyotl said “May your heart find its way”… I would also like to add my philosophy every minute you don’t spend together with love, peace, understanding and talking to each other is a waste of every precious second you’re alive.

This work explores vibration and it’s effect of people, was accepted last year but there was a misunderstanding; only one section of my work was played, I made the mistake of sending separate tracks not a stereo WAV mix down. My work was not represented as intended. Please reconsider it.
If the health crisis improves, this piece was originally intended as an “interactive” piece for me and the audience! 5 people at a time, for 5 minutes would be playing (with nylon gloves, I’d bring a box) rainsticks and suspended bass drums.

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Martin Espino is a Traditional/Ceremonial Musician who specializes in the scholarly study and performance of Ancient Mexican Instruments. He is also a modern composer, cultural educator, instrument maker and lecturer. One off his favorite genres is “Soundwork” and composing works mixing his ancestral instruments with electronic technology!

Martin has composed/performed for Motion Picture, Video, “live” Theatre, Radio, Major Festivals, Performance Art Centers, Schools, Television, Universities, Preschools, Libraries and Museums since the late 70’s. He is of Yaqui and Tepehuano indigenous heritage.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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