Farrah Emami


ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Untitled Conversations in Darkness
Collaboration with Andrew Mandinach

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Farrah Emami is a performance, video, and installation artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Emami creates uncanny, embedded situations that seek to bring together an alternate fantasy space and the hallways and bedrooms of the “home.” Issues of loss, power, illusion, comfort, isolation, and the self are brought to the forefront in the still, minimal, and dark spaces constructed within the work. What was, is, and may occur is always in question.

Emami has been featured at the San Diego Museum of Art, Space4Art, Art Produce, Shoot the Lobster, Sunday Project, University of California San Diego, and completed a year-long residency at Helmuth Projects. Emami has also shown in alternative spaces including private residences, swap meets, shopping malls, stairwells, and created an installation within the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair in 2013. She received her BFA in both Visual Art and Art History/Theory/Criticism from University of California, San Diego in 2011.

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