Martin Espino

Martin Espino


On-site Event June 4th

This work continues my signature sound exploration of utilizing Ancient Mexican instruments with electronics.
My mission is to use these instruments and take advantage of the natural frequencies and sound qualities inherent in them. I want to send these instruments off to the future.
TONANTZIN the name of this work and it means “Mother Earth” in the Nahuatl language.
This work utilizes Earth inspired sounds via amplified suspended Tarahumara drums, Yaqui Water Drums and Electronic Processing. The audience will be invited to join in and play these in a “non-pulse oriented” and “non-rhythmic” way. I want to create a sonic earth quake and big vibration. Participants will use “hand sanitizer” before playing my drums. This work is meant to explore a deep vibration that starts with the materials coming from Mother Earth, being played and felt by everyday people, evoking community, togetherness, unity and recognition that the Earth is our mother. Conch shells and microtonal multiple flutes will be featured.
I will guide and conduct the audience members who choose to come play. Each participant can play up to 5 minutes. Participants will be replaced as the piece continues.

Exploration of the concept of death, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual… using Ancient Mexican instruments and electronic processing to create different sonorities and explore the meeting of these two.

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Martin Espino, Mexican multi-instrumentalist, born in Los Angeles, CA 1955, he is also composer, lecturer, instrument maker and is well known as a cultural educator. He currently continues to present educational performances for all ages as well as instrument making sessions. In the last 2 years, his music has gone worldwide at film festivals, as a virtual concert performer, online educator and sound artist for several films and major movies. He also loves his work in the experimental music field where he mixes ancient Mexican instruments with electronics in innovative ways!

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