On-site Event June 4th

Dymaxion Resource Translation Unit
The viewer is invited to inspect the last remaining desk from the Dymaxion Resource Translation Unit, which appears to be a normal office desk and chair, complete with office supplies and communication devices, but which does not behave in a normal fashion. By handling the various objects and elements of the Unit, office work is translated into sound via an array of sensors, microphones and a connected sound reinforcement setup.

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Miser is the ritual electronics unit founded John Hudnall and Drew Girard, existing as improvisatory live performance, installation sound art, and recorded output. Miser strives for exploration of sound forms to create ritual spaces, inspired by organic, technological, and imagined sources, encouraging a sublime state for the listener where they may seek deeper understanding of our humanity and our place in the cosmos.

Artist Location: Whittier and Long Beach, CA

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