On-site Event June 3rd

Dymaxion Final Assembly 
Durational installation performance for 2 technicians working at 2 workstations which face each other in the center of the space. The technicians refer to an infographic board with work instructions to be carried out over the duration of the performance. Tools and workpieces used by the technicians are sound creating devices, each connected to its own amplifying unit, positioned in the space and color-coded for clarity. 

Work instructions are represented by distinct glyphs, easily readible from 2 meters, each denoting an action and its inverse, or other modification to the the timbral quality of the indicated tool. The performance begins when the one or both technicians are ready to begin work and ends when the time has elapsed to the end of the time period marked by the work instructions.

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Miser is the ritual electronics unit founded by John Hudnall and Drew Girard, existing as improvisatory live performance, installation sound art, and recorded output. Miser strives for exploration of sound forms to create ritual spaces, inspired by organic, technological, and imagined sources, encouraging a sublime state for the listener where they may seek deeper understanding of our humanity and our place in the cosmos.

Artist Location: Whittier, CA

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