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On-site Event June 3rd

I have always been fascinated by relationships between people and their animals! There is something intrinsically magical about our communicating with creatures that do not speak our language, nor do we speak theirs. Yet over the millennium, between human beings and their two and four-legged creature friends there have been precious relationships established, at times closer than within many families. 

This installation “Animingles” is meant to celebrate the abstractness and unique qualities that all of these relationships embody. I hope it gives a chuckle and some pleasure to those who walk by experiencing it, as they interpret it in their own private ways.

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Karena Massengill was born and raised in Ukiah, CA. She has travelled around the world and lived in Canada for 11 years before moving to S. CA. 

She has a fulltime art practice in San Pedro with a 2500 sq foot studio and art gallery display area. Her education includes an MFA and BFA in sculpture, and a BEd. In Visual and Technology Arts. She has exhibited her artwork in the US, Canada, Russia, and S. America.

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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A mansplainer who provides amusement or enjoyment.
Griselda declared, “Marco is a mansplainertainer par excellence. He is both fun and long-winded.”
by coocho October 5, 2018

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