Kensaku Shinohara

Born in Sapporo, Japan, Kensaku Shinohara is an artist who brings a practice in anthropology to bear on his work as a choreographer/performer. He has presented his works in New York City, Valencia (CA), Tucson (AZ), Milwaukee (WI), Pittsburgh (PA), Toronto (Canada), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Tainan (Taiwan), Tokyo, Yokohama, Akita, Sapporo (Japan). Shinohara is a recipient of a 92Y Harkness Dance Center AIR, Exploring the Metropolis AIR, Queens Arts Fund New Work Grant, Japan Foundation New York Grant for Arts & Culture to name a few. 

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April 9th Opening Reception gallery events

On-site Event June 4th

Performances on April 9th and June 4th:
Noise Jam; It’s a workshop. It’s a show. It’s a party.
Conceived of and directed by Kensaku Shinohara. Sound artist Zaq Kenefick collaborates on this project, as will other Southern California creatives. LA-based choreographer, Kensaku Shinohara has been working with dancers, musicians, and visual artists since 2019 to make noise and move, experimenting with instruments and props. 

April 9th participants:
Kensaku Shinohara, Zaq Kenefick, Alexa Durrans, Caitlin Javech, Christine Gaffney, Daniel Miramontes, Dylan Marx, Maria Abrahamian, and Shoji Yamasaki

June 4th participants:
Kensaku Shinohara, Amy Chao, Ben Rodgers, Brin Gordon, C. Bain, Caitlin Javech, Christine Gaffney, Dylan Marx, Maria Abrahamian, Paul Carter, Zaq Kenefick, Zekarias Thompson

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