Dylan Ricards

Dylan Ricards


On-site event June 1st

Material Feedback Loop
Feedback is a phenomenon that occurs when the output of something returns to its input. I think about the feedback of materiality in the world. Sites of material as origins and destinations and the wall of sound that those circuits manifest. The Port of Los Angeles is a resonator. A receiver of material information, amplifying its frequency through redistribution across the US. I drive through the port often to reach San Pedro and the tide pools and hikes that lie just north of this industrial gauntlet. As I drive south on the 710 past downtown Long Beach and across the Gerald Desmond bridge the sound changes. The din of a thousand trucks shaking the roadways and cranes loading and unloading shipping containers is all I can hear. I drive with my windows down to better hear it. To me the sound is not separate from the tidepools or the sound of the sea. For the sound of the sea is not just moving water. It is a feedback loop of materiality reverberating around the Earth.

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Dylan Ricards is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in the fields of sculpture and sound who is endlessly fascinated with the materiality of the post-natural world, peering between moral ecological binaries where contamination occurs and the possibilities of magic in art are revealed.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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