Eden Knutilla

Eden Knutilla is a bardic artist based in Richmond, CA. Their work is in service to the erotic, poetic desires of the unfolding, dying, decaying, plastic, playful, relational, artificial, trans, queer, trashed and dreaming worlds. Emerging through sound, scent, and slathering, their performance, sculpture, and sound work is a devotional act to the selfish generosity of ecological pro-creation. In conversation with the end of the world, they speak in mythologic and draw from new and old and yet-born apocalyptic visionings to understand and relate to the hungers of today and to story with the transition to uncertain tomorrows. 

Artist Location: Richmond, CA

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nomad III soundprints

Clothed and masked in flowing red satin ribbons, donning a woven hat of redwood fronds, the skinless bard pulls and pushes a 4ft wooden beam attached to their stomach. Stretched across the beam is a sculpture wire covered in sleigh bells. On the other side of the beam drags a hot pink pelt, the bear shaped hole. Both bard and bear cello bow or ghost bow the growling, rattling, ringing wire in opposition or accordance, connected or separated. They wander, slowly tracing in 7000 steps the once state-long 700 mile territory of the 100 years extinct California Grizzly.

On-site event June 1st

There is a cave with a skeleton of a child’s broken play gym, skin of aluminum sheet metal and hot pink fur, adorned with bead strings and bells. Inside the cave is a thick metal wire stretched end-to-end, and a performer, donning the Blaze Orange hat, with a loaded cello bow, and an electric french horn. 

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