Henry Krusoe

Henry Krusoe


On-site event June 1st

This Statue Contains a God will simulate an encounter with a trapped magical being, one who when free would be able to create mountains or bring down the moon, but appears before the viewer trapped and powerless within a corporeal form/prison. The statue will look somewhat like a damaged antique Roman statue or bust on a pedestal. It will look like a human torso with white/plaster/stone exterior, but lacking full/undamaged limbs. Its neck will be elongated and stretched to reference an old gramophone speaker and evoke light body horror or demonic entities. Inside the statue I’ll place a speaker which will play a monologue spoken in the voice of the trapped god. The monologue will shift between various moods and motives, transitioning from pleas, accusations, small talk, and cryptic chanting.

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Henry Krusoe lives and works in Los Angeles. Henry received a BFA in Studio Art and Philosophy from Vassar College in 2018 and a MFA Fine Arts degree from Otis College in 2023. Henry joined Angels Gate Cultural Center as a resident artist in 2019 where he still maintains a studio. From 2018 to 2020, Henry served as a board member of the non profit, San Pedro Waterfront Arts District. His work has been shown at Angels Gate Cultural Center, Flux Gallery, Palmer Gallery, NOMAD2, and the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center. 

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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