Insufficient Despair

Ryan Gan aka Insufficient Despair is a noise/experimental sound project centered around repurposed and modified media and mediators (no-input mixer, modified turntable, and 16mm film and projection). Gan is influenced by feedback pioneers such as Nakamura Toshimaru and David Tudor, the turntablism of Otomo Yoshihide and Hong Chuki, and his use of 16mm film by Peter Conheim and his Wet Gate collaborators. Gan has put on exhibitions at Torrance Art Museum and Coaxial Arts as well as performed at Santa Ana Noise Fest, The Beatnik Lounge, Club Blob Tub, and Suspirum Art Space.  

Artist Location: Torrance, CA

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On-site event June 1st

Insufficient Despair
This performance will explore the use of multiple speakers and sound sources to create a multimedia experience. 

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