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On-site event June 1st

Is It a Person, Place, or Thing? is a sound-performance that engages the audience by collecting data about their personal experiences and transforms that information into a choral- output format. During the performance, participants are interviewed at a workstation and asked a series of questions about a person, place, or thing. That information is run through a human resource filter to extrapolate data. The vocal-performance team interprets the extrapolated data and uses it in a durational audio performance near the collection site. This cycle of interviews, extrapolations, and vocal outputs will run for the duration of the event. Employing the structure of a social science experiment, the artists transform audience input into a discordant mix of data and sound.

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Brian Black, Lily Yates, Dom Cooper, and Zane Alexander S. B. are collaborators on “Is It a Person, Place, or Thing?” They are interested in how people connect to the world and how this data might be translated into a visual and audio format. Brian Black is a multimedia artist with a focus on installation and performance art. Lily Yates is a vocalist, sound maker, and performer that focuses on exploring performance as play, as well as a tool for mindfulness and creating community in unexpected ways. Zane Alexander S.B. is a composer, performer, and community music organizer that creates experimental music. Dom Cooper is a California-based musician, artist, composer, and performer, whose practice is based around the voice. 

Artist Location: San Diego, CA

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